Watercolour Painting at Home



Easy-to-follow watercolor techniques and projects help you find inspiration at home and paint what you see around you, from seasonal decor to favorite recipes and the flowers in your garden.

As we all spend time at home, you may find yourself looking for a creative outlet that doesn’t require you to get out and about. That’s where Watercolor Painting at Home comes in, with ideas and inspiration for painting from your couch, front porch, backyard, and more. Painting your favorite things will make your home look more beautiful to you, and it will help you appreciate where you live and what you have. It’s easy to find inspiration at home; just look to your holiday décor, favorite recipes, plants, office, and more.

Expertly written and illustrated by a professional artist, this beautiful book is filled with inviting and colorful large-scale art accompanied by instructions that are clear and easy to follow for any skill level. Watercolor is one of the most popular art mediums out there, and the items needed for the projects are affordable and accessible.

With Inspired Artist: Watercolor Painting at Home, gain a new appreciation for your home as you paint your everyday surroundings.

Product Information:
• ISBN: 9780760380406
• Author: Bley Hack
• Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
• Format: Paperback
• Pages: 128
• Dimensions: 27.94 x 12.59cm


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